The only way Boeing can save the 737Max – and not by name change

It is months now since Boeing’s 737MAX has been grounded worldwide, following 2 fatal crashes. Now I am reading that it is suggested to change the type’s name, after fixing the problems, of course. Bad idea.

There is one recommendation for Boeing only: learn from Mercedes’ elk test experience.

In 1997, the brandnew Mercedes A class model had been flipped by test-driving newspaper journalists in the so-called elk test procedure – a desaster.


Mercedes did postpone market launch for 6 months and equipped all A-class vehicles with ESP (Electronic Stability Program), unheard of in this category before.

So the problem was not only solved but converted into an advantage and marketed accordingly. Buyers were not suspicious after the event but proud to own such a safe car.

So here is what Boeing has to do:

  1. Solve the initial problem
  2. Add an extra safety feature, only planned for a future flagship product
  3. Thus make the 737MAX brand a synonym for a super-safe aircraft, people longing to fly with.

That’s it.